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From Germany to Switzerland Carefree with us as your moving company

Soon it will be "Grüezi" - but prior to that, there are plenty of things to do when moving from Germany to Switzerland. As a moving company, we assist you in starting this new phase of your life in a relaxed manner.

You are planning a new phase in your life – we are planning your move to Switzerland

Whether you would like to start your new life in Zurich, Bern or in a small, tranquil place in the Swiss Alps - we as a moving company are experts at your side. We are happy to assist you with border crossing, customs regulations as well as re-registration. With our vast years of experience, we have attained all the important knowledge such as details and requirements which are required to be complied with when performing a move from Germany to Switzerland. With us as movers, "moving" will be child's play, we promise!

DACHSER & KOLB - the Swiss Army Knife of moving companies

DACHSER & KOLB: Professionelle Durchführung der Zollformalitäten

Professional execution of customs formalities

DACHSER & KOLB: Abwicklung aller erforderlichen Dokumente

Processing of required documents

DACHSER & KOLB: Anlieferung des Verpackungsmaterials

Delivery of the packaging material

DACHSER & KOLB: Professionelle Handwerkerleistungen

Professional craftsman services

DACHSER & KOLB: Sicherer PKW- und Bootstransport

Secure car and boat transport

DACHSER & KOLB: Besichtigung Ihres Umzugsguts - Online oder vor Ort

Inspection of your moving goods - online or on site

How to delegate us as your moving company for your move to Switzerland

If you want to employ us as a moving company for your move from Germany to Switzerland, you have the ability to calculate the price in advance or book a free inspection. To learn how this works, please read the article below.


Calculate the Cost of Moving

With just a few clicks you can calculate what your move from Germany to Switzerland will cost. Simply use our Online Price Calculator.


Book a Free inspection

For a no-obligation and accurate quote, we would be pleased to record which items you'd like to move and any special requirements that would need to be taken into consideration during a free inspection. For this purpose, we offer a personal on-site inspection as well as a virtual walk-through. With respect to the personal inspection, an employee would come to your home and review the removal conditions together with you directly on site. With respect to the virtual walk-through, we would call you via one of the popular video call providers.
Book an Inspection


Declare us as the Removalist

Are you in agreement with our offer from the inspection? Great! Then nothing stands in the way of our partnership.

Goodbye Germany – Hello, Switzerland!

With our assistance as a moving company, you can emigrate from Germany to Switzerland without any worries. We could not answer one of your questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us or make your Relocation Request directly online right here.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about moving from Germany to Switzerland

How much does a move to Switzerland cost?

The costs for a move from Germany to Switzerland depend on various factors. Our Price Calculator calculates the prices for us as a moving company based on the number of people, the current living space and the distance to the new residence. An exact offer will be made on the basis of a free Inspection.

What do I have to take into consideration when moving to Switzerland?

Every country has its own regulations - so does Switzerland. For example, moves to Switzerland are always a bit more challenging to plan and execute due to their Customs Regulations. However, moving companies like Dachser & Kolb can help you with your international move.

When moving to Switzerland, landlords usually want to see a copy of your Residence Permit, your Identification Card and a copy of your Employment Contract. You should also register your residence at the relevant Personal Registration Office after moving to Switzerland. The vehicle and the Driver's License must also be transferred.

What do I need to know about Customs when moving to Switzerland?

When moving to Switzerland, one of the most significant issues is the Customs Clearance of the belongings. According to Swiss Customs Law, used household goods intended for one's own continued personal use are exempt from customs duty. Household goods and personal effects usually include everything that has been in one's own possession for at least six months.

For a standard move to Switzerland, means that you can import almost anything duty-free. Even household supplies in commercial quantities - even an airplane or a motorboat is not necessarily a problem when moving to Switzerland.

Customs duty and VAT must be paid on new items. A Commercial or Proforma Invoice for all items with value and origin is required. If you also would like to take your car with you, subsequent to the vehicle documents, it is important to have a copy of the purchase contract on hand. In order to import your car duty-free, you must have owned the vehicle for at least six months.

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