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Podcast #10: Partnernetzwerk

DACHSER & KOLB organisiert Umzüge deutschland- und europaweit. Damit alles reibungslos abläuft benötigt man ein umfangreiches Netzwerk an Partnern die vor Ort den Umzug durchführen.

Podcast #11: Umzugslager

Eine neue Episode des DACHSER & KOLB Podcasts "KOMMT GUT AN" ist online, heutiges Thema ist das Umzugslager.

Podcast #9: Human Resources

Heute zu Gast im Podcast ist Alexandra Fritzsche, Teamleitung HR, und gibt spannende Einblicke in die Firmenkultur von DACHSER & KOLB als Arbeitgeber und interessante Tipps zum Bewerbungsprozess.



We are a moving / relocation company that will provide you with a hassle-free move, whether you are only moving a few blocks away or to the other end of the world. From our headquarters in Kempten which is situated in beautiful Allgäu together with our branches throughout Germany, we plan and organize removals and transports of all nature, regardless of whether it is a regional or international residential move, a senior citizen’s move, an employee relocation or even an office move.

Not only is your move itself being placed in the good and trustworthy hands of our experienced employees, but we also offer you storage solutions for your furniture and other personal belongings in our large and spacious warehouses. In addition, you can also purchase the full range of packaging materials, such as moving boxes, for a carefree move from us.

On top of our expertise as a moving logistics provider, we also support our customers with all aspects of Relocation Services. We offer a wide variety of agency services worldwide to accommodate expats during their time abroad. Along with our moving services and support for temporary transfers, we also undertake furniture logistics and deliveries to end customers for our private and business clients.