Craftsman Service

Reliable craftsman for every job

Our additional service for everything related to moving

Thanks to our many years of experience in moving logistics, we have accumulated an extensive network of professional craftsman and specialists. We would be pleased to facilitate these services for you in an attempt to make your move as easy and as little complicated as possible and to ensure your satisfaction.

Conscientious Professionals

When it comes to professionally painting rooms, laying new flooring, connecting closet light fixtures, installing a new sink or cleaning rooms, we are able to provide you with the appropriate craftsman or specialist for every possible need.

"You do not require a Master Craftsman’s Certificate for a move. The dismantling and assembly of furniture is in experienced hands with our trained staff."
Sabine Rinker, Relocation Advisor

Kitchen Assembly

Our Employees are well experienced in the dismantling and reassembly of kitchens from many well-known manufacturers, including the installation of all electrical appliances and any required amendments, along with new assemblies and redesigns that may be required.

Norman Wolter

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Norman Wolter