Relaxed in your new home

We will support you with your private move

A private move always means a new beginning. In order for you being able to look forward to your time in your new home in a relaxed manner right from the start, we would be pleased to take care of everything in relation to your move and if needed we can also temporarily keep your furniture in our storage facility. This would of course occur in a professional, friendly and competent manner as we have years of experience behind us.

Whether it is a family move consisting of the whole kit and caboodle, in which a family is leaving their familiar surroundings and arriving in a new home, with new employment, a new kindergarten or school and a new circle of friends and acquaintances, or whether it being a student moving into his or her dormitory – our staff would be delighted to assist you with an individual and professional relocation solution tailored to your specific needs to ensure a happy and relaxed new beginning. We are also qualified in handling relocations with respect to a new job or moving of senior citizens which require a lot of sensitivity.

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Calculate your moving costs in just three simple steps and find out what it will cost to move with us.
Inform us how many things you wish to move based on a detailed Inventory List and in turn you will received a personalized offer based on the information you provided. This list can be supplemented with photos in order to simplify the explanation of the details. This enables you to carry out the inspection of your residence independently and based on the information you provide us, you will receive a personalized offer. However, based on our experience, we suggest to our customers that they have either a virtual inspection or a personal inspection, as this will eliminate any errors and aid in achieving a realistic estimate based on the efforts and experience of our employees.
For a non-binding and precise offer, we would be pleased to offer you a free inspection of which items you would like to move and what special features might exist. For this purpose, we offer either a personal onsite visit or a virtual inspection. During the peronsal inspection, an employee comes to your home and looks at the relocation conditions with you on site. During the virtual inspection, we will call you via one of the common video call providers.


Moving has always been a very special challenge. However, with our years of experience in moving services, we would be pleased to advise you professionally and offer you the best solutions for your personalized needs. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we approach every move in a structured manner:


It’s all about your needs. That is why DACHSER & KOLB’s primary focus in moving services is to provide you with individual, friendly relocation advice onsite – before, during and after your move.


To be well prepared is almost like already having moved. As a moving company, we carry out a free inspection and prepare a free, non-binding, individual and transparent offer for you. We can also arrange for reliable craftsman if desired and organize the process in a way that best suits you. “Our know-how and our vast experience as a moving company together with our professional, detailed move planning, form the basis for a successful and above all, stress-free move” the employees of DACHSER & KOLB agree.


Everything will work out – you can rely on it. Because as a matter of principle, we take care of the implementation of your individual wishes only with specialist staff in a cautious, careful, quick and professional manner. With us you can rely on quality, security, reliability and the often necessary flexibility.

We bring your employees to you

A breath of fresh air for your company: New employees are often the key to success. At least they can devote all their energy and attention to their new obligations from day one.

Take advantage of our experience in moving logistics for your mutual success. Naturally, you can also entrust us with the relocation of your existing staff members.

Special requirements for Senior Citizen moves

A Senior Citizen move in particular is always more than just a transport from A to B. We do our best to make their new home a beloved environment again. If desired, we will also bring our customers personally to their new home with our driver service. As with all moves, due to comprehensive range of services we can prioritize providing individual solutions. “With our experience, we assist in bringing a piece of home to the new place of residence”, says Sabine Rinker, sales representative at DACHSER & KOLB, being aware of the personal importance of moving.

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