DACHSER & KOLB: Retourenservice

Returns Service Return to the Manufacturer

We not only deliver large and bulky furniture to the end customer - we are also more than pleased to tend to the return process. In the event customers are not satisfied with the goods they have ordered, we will tend to the return transport for various manufacturers. For a mattress manufacturer, for example, we undertake the complete logistics of returns. From receipt of the return, to sending the appropriate mattress cover, to notification and subsequent collection, we are the competent contact.

The End Customer in focal point

When processing returns, we not only tend to the transport but also everything associated with it. From tour planning and preparations with the customer, to notification and the corresponding collection, we offer our customers an all-round package - always focusing on the End Customer and their satisfaction.

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DACHSER & KOLB: Nikita Fröhlich

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