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Thoughtful planning down to the last detail

Individual solutions for every company move

Commercial moves are always a major logistical challenge. As an experienced partner, who plans strategically and precisely in advance we would be pleased to take over your company relocation. Whether you are moving your office within the same building or relocating the entire administrative and production facilities to another location or abroad - you can rely on us. If your concern is not about the move of the entire company, but regarding movement of goods inside your facilities, we would like to support you with our Building Logistics department.

Minimal downtime as possible

With our project management for property relocations, we provide you with the security of transferring your site in a way that keeps downtime to a minimum, while making sure that everything is perfectly set up. All services originate from a single source and thus the outcome is a direct reflection of our perfectly coordinated team of specialists. Your necessities and demands will therefore determine the scheduling and organizational requirements for the planning of the relocation. In consultation with you and your employees, we plan and coordinate your move as one overall project.

For a non-binding and precise offer, we would be pleased to offer you a free inspection of which items you would like to move and what special features might exist. For this purpose, we offer either a personal onsite visit or a virtual inspection. During the peronsal inspection, an employee comes to your home and looks at the relocation conditions with you on site. During the virtual inspection, we will call you via one of the common video call providers.
You want to contact us or have a question for us? Leave us your message and the responsible employee will contact you as soon as possible.

With our many years of experience in moving services, we would be pleased to advise you professionally and provide you with the best solution for your needs. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we approach every move in a structured manner:


Individual and competent advice on site is the central focus of our moving service – before, during and after your move. The goal is to coordinate all work in a manner that both your employees and your customers will be minimally aware of what is occurring. Our services include location research, structural building planning, room and seating planning, organization of the relocation of unconventional goods, relocation of the IT-Systems and advice on individual insurance coverages.


From the wiring up to the furnishing and installation of the equipment: You can rely on our trained specialists . When planning your move, we take every detail into consideration and record the entire moving process in a reference manual for you. Our planning proposals consist of location analysis, including the planning of access roads and walkways for the moving staff, the assessment of the maximal load capacity of floors and stairs, the mediation of external services and craftsmen, and the preparation of emergency plans in the event of unexpected situations.


Smooth operations are the strength of our teams. All operations are based on your specific needs. Should you desire, your move may also occur over the weekend. Due to the distinctive requirements business moves entail, we rely exclusively on professional aids such as loading docks, file trolleys, proper PC trolleys and external lifts. In conjunction with you and your employees, we strategize and coordinate your move as an overall project.

„Our goal: Reducing your business downtime to a bare minimum.“
Ann Skrzeczek, Head of Customer Service and Sales

Your storage capacities are too small or your archive needs to be outsourced? In our large warehouses we offer space for currently unused office furniture, stock goods or even archives - under optimal conditions.

Our services at a glance

  • Execution of all removal services in accordance with both the national and international removal manual
  • Coordination of the move together with the training of all those involved.
  • Installation and assembly from a single source
  • Installation, relocation and storage of office furniture
  • Tidying up and/or the disposal of old furniture and PC equipment
  • Transportation of unconventional goods (i.e. IT-Systems, large screens, safes/vaults or machinery)

Our Business Relocation Portfolio:

  • Moving abroad: Globalization is making great strides, we would be pleased to take over the planning and implementation of your company’s move abroad. We are not only acquainted with the transport of company inventory, but also well-informed about all issues pertaining to border crossings and customs clearance.
  • Company removals: We would be pleased to support companies in relocating their production; the relocation of the plant is planned individually according to your specific needs and with keeping possible downtimes and expenses to a minimum.
  • Administration moves: We would be pleased to assume the move of an administrative office building as a project move and guarantee that all activities will be carried out reliably. The IT move is also taken on by our experienced employees, so that your staff can immediately concentrate and devote themselves to their tasks from day one.
  • Laboratory relocations: If the location of a laboratory has to be changed, it is particularly important that the move is well thought-out, and all sensitive aspects are taken into consideration. We have accumulated decades of experience in this sector and are aware of the correct transport options for every piece of device and item. Even if we haven’t faced this particular kind of situation before, then these are the challenges that exactly define our work.
  • Archive relocations: At the end of your move, is it necessary for your archives to be sorted exactly like they were before? This is not a problem at all with our detailed planning and our experienced team. Furthermore, data protection is also well taken care of, with our means and resources, we provide around the clock protection for your sensitive data when moving.
  • Medical Practice / Hospital Relocations: To ensure that everything works right from the start after a medical practice or Hospital relocation and that you can fully concentrate on taking care of your patients, we do what we do best: we ensure a smooth move.
  • Employee relocations: Your company operates internationally, and you need require local specialists? We take your employees to where they are required worldwide. With our household moves, nothing stands in the way of an uncomplicated move. This can also be supplemented with our relocation service offers which are specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Library relocations: Books are more than paper bound together - every single piece of literature is an important cultural asset. With our professional packaging materials and well-trained employees, we ensure that every piece of literature arrives safely in the new premises.
  • Machinery transport: Machinery cannot be easily transported from point A to point B. To ensure that everything runs smoothly with the special transport, we as professionals are pleased to assist you and work side by side with you to find the best possible solution for your transport needs.
  • Transport of Artistic works of Art: Artistic works of art exist to be exhibited. To ensure that the works of art arrive safely and securely at their exhibition locations, we assume responsibility of the reliable transport of these items and when required, we also handle all matters relating to customs clearance.

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