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Professional and safe storage

Professional and secure storage for your furniture

We offer a safe place to store your belongings which you temporarily do not require. We have extensive warehouses, which allows us the ability to store a wide array of versatile items. Therefore, you can safely store both your furniture and/or your removal goods - but also other items such as pictures, antiques, grand pianos, bicycles, motorcycles or technical equipment - with us.

Individual Self-Storage Options

Our storage possibilities are very flexible and therefore we are able to tailor it according to your individual situation: Regardless of whether it is furniture of a student who is temporarily going abroad, senior citizens who want to have their belongings safely stowed away for their grandchildren when moving into retirement homes or for your motorcycle over the winter because you do not have space in the garage. We will find the correct storage space for your personal items in our containers, high-rise warehouses and storage boxes. You have the possibility to rent the storage space for as long as you need it, with no minimum rental term required. Our storage facilities provide safe and reliable storage of your belongings with the possibility to access them at any time.

Selfstorage in Kempten

Our Storage Prices

When items are being stored at DACHSER & KOLB, they are usually packed in wooden crates which provides for a safe and breathable enclosure. This means that your property is securely cordoned off and protected from external influences, but is still exposed to the beneficial air circulation.

The cost for storage in our warehouses is based on the space requirements of the stored items. The square meter indication applies to the area that can be stacked at a height of approximately 2.40 m with your furniture, cardboard boxes or something alike . With all of our storage plans , the packaging of the furniture after delivery and prior to storage is included . Of course, pick-up and return delivery are no problem either, just contact our staff to find out more.

Extra-Mini (2-3 m²)

2 m² or 7 m³ | from 58,31 €
3 m² or 10 m³ | from 83,30 €

Mini (4-6 m²)

4 m² or 14 m³ | from 116,62 €
5 m² or 17 m³ | from 141,61 €
6 m² or 21 m³ | from 174,93 €

Small (7-9 m²)

7 m² or 24 m³ | from 199,92 €
8 m² or 28 m³ | from 233,24 €
9 m² or 31 m³ | from 258,23 €

Medium (10-12 m²)

10 m² or 35 m³ | from 291,55 €
11 m² or 38 m³ | from 316,54 €
12 m² or 41m³ | from 341,53 €

Large (13-15 m²)

13 m² or 45 m³ | from 374,85 €
14 m² or 48 m³ | from 399,84 €
15 m² or 52 m³ | from 433,16 €

Extra Large (16-18 m²)

16 m² or 55 m³ | ab 458,15 €
17 m² or 59 m³ | ab 491,47 €
18 m² or 62 m³ | ab 516,46 €

Ultra Large (10-20 m²)

19 m² or 66 m³ | from 549,78 €
20 m² or 69 m³ | from 574,77 €

The flexible expansion of your storage space

Have your storage rooms become too small, do you need more space for your goods or do you need to store your files securely? There are many reasons and possibilities for what you can store in our warehouses. For companies, we are happy to offer storage space for office furniture, exhibition goods or seasonal goods for rent. The furniture is stored according to your wishes and your current situation. We have the right storage space for your business equipment and will work with you to find the ideal furniture storage solution.

DACHSER & KOLB: Archivlager

Versatile storage options

We have containers, high-rise warehouses and storage boxes available in our storage facilities across Germany. There is no minimum term for storage at DACHSER & KOLB, and we will be pleased to pick-up and return your stored goods to you when desired.

Let us know your wishes and our friendly and competent staff will be pleased to contact you with the right offer that suits your specific needs, free of charge and without obligation.

We are at your service

Were we not able to answer your questions?

Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Natalie Stohr

Customer Service & Sales

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