A Company with experience

Becoming a federally operating moving provider over 60 years

For over 60 years, DACHSER & KOLB has been planning and executing removals of all sorts around the world. We have been performing Moving Logistics as well as newer business areas such as Relocation Services, with superior quality of standards since 1959.

The traditional values of DACHSER & KOLB are deeply rooted in the corporate culture and form the basis for modern and future-orientated business ventures. The secret to our consistency and success lies in our intuition towards people and passion for movement together with our high degree of care and perfection.

Operating worldwide today

Thanks to our highly qualified and well-trained specialized staff, combined with a comprehensive range of services and innovative vehicle fleet, DACHSER & KOLB today is a high performance service provider and partner in moving and new furniture transport logistics as well as Relocation Services worldwide.

With more than six decades of experience and continuous innovation, the family-run business has managed to keep thriving over the past years and thus arms itself for the future. Today we not only offer services related to moving and transport logistics, but also provide comprehensive advice to customers regarding Relocation Services.

Joint Cooperation is a matter of Trust

Regardless of which service is requested, the cooperation with DACHSER & KOLB is always based on mutual trust. All our services have been designed to reflect what is particularly important to you: your personal belongings. Customer satisfaction is the focus of DACHSER & KOLB’s global services. Our promise of quality applies to you, and is based on the following five important pillars:


We handle your removal goods and furniture with the utmost precision, absolute conscientiousness and great care. We use the most advanced technology and high-quality equipment along with the latest model vehicles. In order to achieve this anytime and anywhere, we work together with trained specialists.


The safety of your property is our top priority. Our moving staff is specially trained to act risk and hazard free in their daily work.


We are a reliable partner from the preparation of an offer to the completion of the move or transport.


Our flexibility is shown in how we quickly we can adapt on our own to deal with varying circumstances. We are a dynamic and flexible company and can always offer different solutions.


Sustainability is of crucial importance to us. Our modern fleet enables us to transport furniture safely, efficiently and is environmentally friendly. DACHSER & KOLB only uses trucks that adhere to the strict Euro emission standards. Even the high-quality packaging materials meet the current ecological standards.

„Moving is always an integral challenge. We accept this with enthusiasm and professionalism. So that our customers are satisfied.“
Johannes Neumann, Managing Director