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International Move

A moving company for the entire world

Have you been bitten by the travel bug and would like to emigrate? Then you have come to the right place and your belongings are in the best of hands. For many years there has been nothing we would rather do than organize international removals across continents. Whether by ship, by plane or over land.

International Partners

We organize your international move down to the last detail and clarify all necessary requirements for you. In doing so, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience of an internationally positioned moving company and can look forward to your time in your new home country in a relaxed manner. "Through our worldwide partner network, you can expect all the services in all countries that our customers appreciate so much in Germany for good reason" promises Falko Loos, Head of Relocation Logistics Air&Sea a smooth process.

Our services for international moves

Comprehensive relocation advice - Tailored to the destination country

Determination of the optimal transport route

Assistance with customs formalities

Consideration of current entry and import regulations

Complete and secure overseas packaging and baling of the removal goods

Ascertainment of individually tailored transport insurance

...and Services such as

  • Provision, loading and sealing of steel containers
  • Pre-transportation to the port of departure (airport), handling, transport to the port of destination (airport)
  • Relocation through selected partners and our own specialized staff at the port of destination and transport to the new place of residence
  • Electronic export procedure and customs clearance via ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System)

The most popular departure destinations for international relocation

How to hire us as an international moving company abroad

If you want to employ us as an international moving company abroad, you can already calculate the price in advance or book a free inspection. How this works, you can read below.


Calculate your moving costs

With just a few clicks, you can calculate what your move from Germany to abroad will cost. Simply use our online price calculator.

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Book a free visit

For a non-binding and exact offer, we are happy to record during a free inspection which items you would like to move and what special features there are.

For this purpose, we offer the personal inspection on site or a virtual inspection. In the case of a personal inspection, a member of our staff will come to your home and look at the circumstances of the move together with you directly on site. With the virtual walk-through, we call you via one of the popular video call providers.

Book a visit


Declare us a moving helper

Do you agree with our offer from the inspection? Great! Then nothing stands in the way of our partnership.

A customs safe move

As an international logistics company, we are very familiar with the global customs regulations. Whether the consignment is from a third country to the EU or from the EU to a third country: We know the individual customs regulations of the destination countries and we are capable of regulating the entire customs process with the local customs authorities. Our employees have always maintained excellent relationships with airlines, shipping companies, authorities and public institutions. Due to our high level of precision in creating documents for customs and other public authorities, we ensure that the shipment will run smoothly.

Zollhafen bei internationalem Umzug

Close Cooperation

Thanks to the close interconnection of our freight forwarding systems together with local customs, our employees are informed well in advance about the necessary customs handling and are able to organize them accordingly. We know from experience: The success of our work is based on the close interaction with the local contact persons. It is very advantageous to know the language and customs of the country in question. Our own local fiscal representatives guarantee trouble-free processing: Our employees on site maintain good contacts with the local customs authorities and enjoy their trust. Nonetheless, due to the constant exchange of information, they are always up to date with the latest local regulations.

We have extensive experience with performing moves to our neighbour country Switzerland, which we conduct on a regular basis. We have summarized the specifics and which documents are required for the Switzerland move on our page Relocation to Switzerland.

Enge Zusammenarbeit mit unseren internationalen Partnern

General Import Bans:

Since an international move takes place across national borders, there are some laws and import regulations to be aware of when moving abroad. Examples of items with import regulations / prohibitions include:

Einfuhrverbot: Waffen und Munition

Guns and ammunition

Einfuhrverbot: Taucherflaschen und -lampen

High Pressure Tanks

e.g. Diving Tanks

Einfuhrverbot: Batterien (Rollstühle, E-Bikes)

Big Batteries

e.g. wheelchairs and e-bikes

Einfuhrverbot: Farben und Lacke

Paints and Varnishes

are not explicitly forbidden, but DACHSER & KOLB advises against them because in the event of damage the entire shipment can be damaged and no insurance will apply

Einfuhrverbot: Fleisch & Obst)

Groceries and Animal Products

e.g. meat, fish, poultry, milk & dairy products and fruit

Einfuhrverbot: Drogen & Alkohol

Drugs and Alcohol

Einfuhrverbot: Tiererzeugnisse (Elfenbein)

Animal Products

of endangered animal species, e.g. ivory

Einfuhrverbot: Eingeschränkter Transport von Fahrzeugen

Restricted transport of vehicles

Einfuhrverbot: Holzverpackungsmaterial - muss dem ISPM Standard Nr. 15 entsprechen

Wooden packaging materials - must conform to ISPM Standard No. 15.

Haben Sie noch Unsicherheiten? Hören Sie sich unseren Podcast mit unserem Ansprechpartner an.

DACHSER & KOLB bietet Umzüge aller Art an. Von Haushaltsumzügen über Geschäfts- und Mitarbeiterumzügen bis hin zu internationalen Umzügen. Hierfür haben wir innerhalb unseres Customer Services eine eigene Riege mit dem Beinamen "Air&Sea". Unser heutiger Gast Alexander Brugger, Teamleiter Customer Service für Air&Sea, beantwortet unsere Fragen zu seiner täglichen Arbeit und worauf sich ein Kunde von DACHSER & KOLB verlassen kann.

  • Podcast #14 Customer Service: Air & Sea

    Today's episode is all about "culture shock". Our hosts talk about the challenges people can face when they move to another country as an expat.

Frequently asked questions about international relocation

How much does an international move cost?

The question of the costs of an international move cannot be answered in general terms. When determining the price, it always depends on where the country of origin and where the destination country is. Other parameters such as the moving volume and transport specifics also affect the costs. In principle, air freight shipments are significantly more expensive than sea freight shipments - but the goods to be moved arrive at their destination more quickly. You can easily get an initial price for your international move online using our price calculator.

How long does transport take for an international move?

As a rule, a move via sea freight takes around 6 weeks. Depending on the port connection and volume, there can be significant deviations. Special times such as during the corona pandemic or the Suez Canal blockage can also cause great disruption to the sea freight market, which can lead to significantly longer transport times. However, we would be happy to provide you with a specific answer to this question specifically for your connection upon request. When it comes to air freight, transport is much faster, with an average of around two weeks. Of course, the decisive factor here is which airport you are going to.

How do I safely pack my items for an international move?

Unlike national transport, it is not advisable to pack your belongings yourself when moving overseas. The reasons for this are that the professional moving teams have to open all boxes anyway and check for packaging quality and prohibited items. There is also the issue of insurance here, as no insurance applies to boxes packed by the mover himself (in the event of damage). We would be happy to tell you how you can best prepare your intercontinental move yourself.

Do you have questions about international moving? We are happy to help!

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Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alexander Brugger

Teamlead Customer Service & Sales - AIR&SEA

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