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Have you got the yearning to see distant places and desire to emigrate? Then you've come to the right place and your removal goods are in the best of hands. For years, nothing has been closer to us than organizing international removals across continents. Be it by ship, by plane or by land. The world is small. In times of globalization, moving beyond national borders has long since become natural. Moving abroad and overseas is easy, at least for those who know the rules of the game.

International Partners

We organize your move down to the very last detail and clarify all the necessary requirements on your behalf. You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of an international partner and will be able to look forward to the time in your new home country in a relaxed manner. "Through our global partner network, you can expect all services in all countries that our customers in Germany value for good reason and we can guarantee that everything will run smoothly." Falko Loos, your DACHSER & KOLB relocation advisor from Koblenz promises.

Calculate your moving costs in just three simple steps and find out what it will cost to move with us.
For a non-binding and precise offer, we would be pleased to offer you a free inspection of which items you would like to move and what special features might exist. For this purpose, we offer either a personal onsite visit or a virtual inspection. During the peronsal inspection, an employee comes to your home and looks at the relocation conditions with you on site. During the virtual inspection, we will call you via one of the common video call providers.

Our Services:

  • Comprehensive relocation advice - tailored to the destination country
  • Calculation of the best transport route with DACHSER's tightly woven global transport network
  • Assistance with the completion of customs formalities
  • Consideration of current entry and import regulations
  • Complete and secure overseas packaging and baling of the removal goods
  • Ascertainment of individually tailored transport insurance
  • Provision, loading and sealing of steel containers
  • Pre-transport to the port of departure (or airport), clearance, transport to the destination (airport)
  • Removal takeover by our selected partners together with our own specialist staff at the port of destination and transport to the final destination
  • Electronic export procedure, processing via ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Processing System)

We are also happy to take your furniture in our warehouses for a temporary move abroad and ensure safekeeping until you return to Germany.

A customs safe move

As an international logistics company, we are very familiar with the global customs regulations. Whether the consignment is from a third country to the EU or from the EU to a third country: We know the individual customs regulations of the destination countries and we are capable of regulating the entire customs process with the local customs authorities. Our employees have always maintained excellent relationships with airlines, shipping companies, authorities and public institutions. Due to our high level of precision in creating documents for customs and other public authorities, we ensure that the shipment will run smoothly.

Close Cooperation

Thanks to the close interconnection of our freight forwarding systems together with local customs, our employees are informed well in advance about the necessary customs handling and are able to organize them accordingly. We know from experience: The success of our work is based on the close interaction with the local contact persons. It is very advantageous to know the language and customs of the country in question. Our own local fiscal representatives guarantee trouble-free processing: Our employees on site maintain good contacts with the local customs authorities and enjoy their trust. Nonetheless, due to the constant exchange of information, they are always up to date with the latest local regulations.

We have extensive experience with performing moves to our neighbour country Switzerland, which we conduct on a regular basis. We have summarized the specifics and which documents are required for the Switzerland move on our page Switzerland Move.

General Import Bans:

  • Guns and ammunition
  • Diving tanks and lamps
  • Batteries (wheelchairs and E-bikes)
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Groceries (Meat & Fruits)
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Animal products (e.g.. Ivory)
  • Restricted transport of vehicles
  • Wooden packaging materials - must conform to ISPM Standard No. 15.

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Birgit Leonhardt

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