Corporate Culture Enjoy going to work everyday

Our aim is that our employees feel good and enjoy coming to work every day. In an attempt to achieve this goal, DACHSER & KOLB offers numerous benefits to their employees. Employees who enjoy coming to work on a daily basis are indispensable for a sustainable company. To ensure that our employees enjoy coming to DACHSER & KOLB every day, we offer numerous benefits to our employees.

Your Benefits

Working Time Scheme

In the event one’s working hours are unsuitable with one's life, no employee can perform well and reliably. To alleviate our employees of the challenge of constantly having to juggle their work-life balance, we discuss the individual wishes with each of our employees and work together to find the optimal solution for both sides.

Modern Working Spaces

In our modern workspaces, all provisions have been undertaken to ensure for a good and healthy working environment. The room layout and spacious social areas are designed to provide all employees with a good feeling and sense of well-being. With our new building, we have taken great care to create a pleasurable atmosphere.

Company Pension Plan

As part of our affiliation with DACHSER, we offer all employees a company pension plan, which we of course also subsidize.


Water is available to our employees free of charge via modern drinking water dispensers, and we are also pleased to offer other beverages such as coffee and tea free of charge.

Personal Development

We are happy to give our employees the opportunity to expand their personal knowledge and skills at any time through various training and qualification opportunities. Here, too, we benefit from our affiliation with the Group, which provides us with many opportunities for internal training courses and workshops.


In today's sometimes very uncertain times, DACHSER & KOLB has situated themselves in a very crisis-proof position. Moving Logistics is a crisis-proof service, and furthermore, the very versatile orientation of the company in different areas supports this security.

Familiar Working Atmosphere

The company DACHSER & KOLB is managed by the Board of Managers in a very family-like manner and there are typically short decision-making channels. Therefore, the innovative strength and future viability is thus ensured. Have you gotten the desire to work at DACHSER & KOLB? As an expanding company, we are always seeking motivated employees and look forward to receiving your application for one of our advertised positions.

This is what our employees say

Who better to inform us whether and why it's worth working at DACHSER & KOLB other than our very own employees? We asked them and received open, honest and unbiased answers.

My wish was to gain insights into a new industry and to develop my leadership skills. After only a few months, I was able to convince the management of my abilities and I am very happy about the chance to be there for my team as a disposition manager and to be responsible for a good quality of the moves.

Volkan Sahin

I used to be involved in moves myself for many years, but for a few years now I have been inspecting the flats in advance. I'm happy that I can continue to be involved with moves and meet lots of people. That's what the job is about for me.

Marc Brod

I work at DACHSER & KOLB in the billing department and therefore take care of all activities that have to do with money. These tasks, the customer contact and especially the relaxed atmosphere in my team give me a lot of pleasure and let me go home satisfied every evening - how could it be otherwise with my colleagues.

Janina Ranalletta

I joined DACHSER & KOLB after my apprenticeship. Here I was able to gain insights into different departments and then decide what I could imagine for my everyday life. Now that I have been able to gain a lot of experience in the main office with very varied tasks, I have had the opportunity to specialise. As a quality management representative, I will be responsible for quality compliance in all processes and for quality certifications. For the know-how, I was allowed to attend a further training course and receive support from the management.

Annika Gaißer

For me, it was cool to be able to work in all departments during the first two years of training. This gave me a lot of insights and I also got to know my colleagues. That really helped me personally. I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues and from dealing with customers, and I can say that I am now much more confident in my appearance. And in all of this, fun is never neglected and there is always a reason to laugh together. After my apprenticeship, I was also taken on - a matter of course for a likeable guy like me :-) The first year after my apprenticeship, I worked in scheduling and have now changed again at my own request and am supporting the development of a new product.

Mark Schulz

The perspective of being part of the development of the company and being able to make a difference makes this job so exciting for me. Not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level, this is an incredibly interesting opportunity for me to develop. And when you add to that a family-like working atmosphere, there is nothing left to be wished for.

Alexandra Fritzsche

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