The logistical handling of your transport

Reliable delivery to the last few meters

The logistical processing with DACHSER & KOLB is as easy as a click of a button. Our solution in the area of B2C logistics opens up new distribution channels for deliveries to end customers. As a subsidiary company of DACHSER, DACHSER & KOLB takes the direct route to the customer and thus carries out deliveries to end customers "to the last mile" - with everything that goes with it. At the right place at the right time - something you can rely on. Whether by e-mail, text message , phone or even by postcard: We inform the recipient well enough in advance about the delivery.

Arrangement of personal delivery

The delivery depends entirely on the daily routine of the private customer - from the morning until the evening. Delivery takes place within 3 to 4 working days after notification from Monday to Friday, or even on Saturdays. Even in the last few meters, shortly prior to delivery, an employee will contact you by phone and inform the customer you of the status. The goods are professionally carried to the place of use, according to the recipient's request.

You want to contact us or have a question for us? Leave us your message and the responsible employee will contact you as soon as possible.

Your benefits:

  • A large network of DACHSER branches, subsidiary companies and long term partners
  • Standardized processes
  • Complete transparency
  • Individual delivery to business and private customers
  • Special Value Added Services
  • B2B and B2C from a single source

Special service for your end customers

For our additional services in B2C logistics, the customer benefits are clearly prioritized. The vital link between sender and recipient is reliability and transparency, as these are crucial when it comes to the punctual delivery of the ordered goods. The service does not end at the front door but continues behind it, complying to the customer's individual requirements. B2C-Logistics offers professional services for every need two-man handling.

Our additional offers

Setup of furniture, living accessories, play and garden equipment, installation and commissioning of kitchens

Device connection and installation
Water connection, e.g. for washing machines and dishwashers, electrical connection and electrical installations, e.g. for an electric range

Disposal of old devices
Dismantling and redemption of old devices and furniture, environmentally friendly disposal of old devices and furniture

Return of packaging material
Environmentally friendly packaging disposal

Returns Management
Notification and arrangement of a pick-up date with the private customer, pick-up of the goods with 2-man handling, packaging suitable for transport, return of the goods to the supplier

In addition to delivering to end customers, with our new furniture logistics we not only take care of deliveries "to the last mile" but also offer transport to dealers.

Marc Gartlacher

Teamleader Furniture Logistics - Partner & Organisation

premium.kempten@dachser-kolb.de     +49 831 59206510
Marc Gartlacher