Customer Center

You can contact us quickly and easily through our Customer Service Center. Of course, we are not only there for your online but as well in person under the following telephone number: 0831 59206-0

You want to contact us or have a question for us? Leave us your message and the responsible employee will contact you as soon as possible.
Calculate your moving costs in just three simple steps and find out what it will cost to move with us.
For a non-binding and precise offer, we would be pleased to offer you a free inspection of which items you would like to move and what special features might exist. For this purpose, we offer either a personal onsite visit or a virtual inspection. During the peronsal inspection, an employee comes to your home and looks at the relocation conditions with you on site. During the virtual inspection, we will call you via one of the common video call providers.
Inform us how many things you wish to move based on a detailed Inventory List and in turn you will received a personalized offer based on the information you provided. This list can be supplemented with photos in order to simplify the explanation of the details. This enables you to carry out the inspection of your residence independently and based on the information you provide us, you will receive a personalized offer. However, based on our experience, we suggest to our customers that they have either a virtual inspection or a personal inspection, as this will eliminate any errors and aid in achieving a realistic estimate based on the efforts and experience of our employees.