DACHSER & KOLB: Checkliste

Moving checklist to tick off Maintain an overview at all times

Have you thought of everything? What needs to be done before the move, and what needs to be done afterwards? We can assist you with our DACHSER & KOLB moving checklist. So that nothing stands in the way of a carefree move.

3 months before the move


Terminate old rental agreement in writing (observe deadline!)

You must declare in writing your intent to terminate an older lease by meeting certain formal requirements, such as setting the termination date and meeting the contractual deadlines.


Possibly find new renter

It can be helpful to find a next renter, as this can help reduce the financial burden during the notice period and avoid conflicts with the landlord.


Check and sign new rental agreement

Before signing a new lease, you should carefully review the terms and clauses of the contract to make sure you agree with them. If everything is in order and you are satisfied, you should sign the contract to confirm your obligations as a renter.


Transfer rent deposit for the new apartment

Transfer the agreed amount of money to the landlord to deposit the security deposit for the new apartment. This deposit is to cover any damages or outstanding rent payments and is usually returned at the end of the tenancy if there are no damages or rent owed.


Set moving date ...

Choose a specific day when you will change your residence and transport your belongings to the new apartment. This date will help you coordinate the planning and organization of your move.

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