DACHSER & KOLB: 10 Umzugstipps

10 Moving tips For a stress free move

A move is always associated with stress and a lot of work? It doesn't have to be! We are happy to give you advice on how to make your move as stress-free as possible and move into your new home happy and relaxed. With our ten most important moving tips below, moving can also be fun - we promise!


Contact DACHSER & KOLB as a moving company

Professional support is an important part of the smooth running of your move. To ensure that nothing happens to your belongings and that everything arrives safely, our highly trained and experienced staff can respond excellently to your wishes and needs. Contact us!


Communicate change of address

To ensure a smooth transfer of your new addresses - especially with regard to notice periods - the respective institutions must be informed of the change of address in good time. This applies in particular to current contracts, subscriptions as well as health insurance companies, banks, insurance companies, associations, etc.


Cleaning out

Over the years, one or the other no longer needed item accumulates. Start clearing out early, because everything you sort out now, you do not have to move with. You don't have to dispose of everything. If you have enough time, you can sell what you no longer need on the Internet. Or you can donate it to aid organizations. This way, clearing out has a double positive effect.


Request special leave from employer

If you have it contractually agreed use your special leave - if not then politely ask your employer. Early and friendly communication is the key.


Prepare children for the move

Moving means leaving one's familiar surroundings. This could spread fear and anxiety among your children. Calmly explain the reason for the change of residence early on and create clarity with your children. Also assign small tasks that the children can handle - this way you are part of the move from the beginning.


Re-registration of supply contracts

Register your contracts for electricity, gas, telephone, etc. in good time. When moving, also read and note down all meter readings for a smooth process. Internet and TV connection as well as the telephone should be installed in advance in the new apartment.


Work off checklist

Early and structured planning and organization helps a lot to avoid stressful situations. So that you always have an overview of the current status of activities and know what is still pending, a checklist for all involved helps. Here you can find our checklist.


Inform neighbour

We recommend that you inform the neighbors about your move in good time. On the day of the move, say goodbye to the old neighbors and exchange contact information. The new neighbors will also be pleased if you introduce yourself after moving in. With this gesture, you can ensure a good relationship in the neighborhood from day one.


Request no-parking zone

If the move is done with us, we will of course apply for the no-stopping zone. Otherwise, you can apply for the no-stopping zone at the public order office, which will allow you to officially close off the area with official traffic signs.


Housewarming party

Everything is done, the apartment is ready and the joy is great. Share this joy with your family and friends at a housewarming party.

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