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We have summarised the most frequently asked questions about the move for you.

This are the most frequent asked questions

How much does a move cost?

It is difficult to give a general estimate of the cost of a move. In the end, factors such as the number or weight of the furnishings to be transported, the distance and the time of year play a role. Additional services or the transport of special goods also change the price of a move.

Can moving expenses be claimed as tax expenses?

If the move is due to a new professional challenge, parts of the moving costs can be deducted as income-related expenses in Germany. However, the move must be subject to certain conditions - you can get more detailed information on this from a tax advisor. What you should do in any case: Keep all receipts!

What do I need to consider before deciding on a removal company?

Price alone does not make a good moving company. Because a move is always a matter of trust. After all, your home and your private belongings are at stake. Therefore, be sure to look for renowned seals of approval such as those of the TÜV. There are also significant differences when it comes to service. Many removal companies do not have a personal contact person or the service staff are difficult to reach. You can find out how good the service is from the very first contact: The more precisely the mover assesses the size of your household, for example with a personal on-site inspection or an online video inspection, the more reliable the calculated costs and the service.

How are the moving costs calculated?

In summary, the most important factors that are used to calculate the cost of a move are the distance between the old and new home and the size of the move - i.e. how large the household is and how much weight the furniture weighs. Extra services such as packing the furniture or dismantling and assembling the furniture are charged separately. Basically, you can rely 100% on the price we have calculated for you!

Do you have a variety of moving boxes?

In addition to the typical moving boxes, we also offer clothing and picture boxes for the optimal packaging of your belongings. You can place your order directly here.

Do you organize no-parking permits?

We would be pleased to organize no-parking permits for you throughout Germany to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the move.

Are there any associated costs for preparing an Quote?

The preparation of the Quote along with the accompanied inspection are free of charge and non-binding.

Am I required to purchase packaging materials from you?

No, if you move with DACHSER & KOLB, you may also rent moving boxes for a minimal fee.

Do you also handle co-loads for individual items?

We perform all sorts of special transports along with co-loads for individual goods throughout Germany. Klick here to be directly reverted to the Request Form.

Do you offer disposal and decluttering services?

You can directly book disposal or decluttering services through the branch office responsible for you.

How can I arrange a viewing / inspection appointment?

To arrange a viewing / inspection appointment, you may either call the Branch Office responsible for you or you may conveniently leave a message online and your personal relocation advisor will contact you immediately. Click here to be directly reverted to the Request Form.

Do you have an outside elevator and what are the associated costs?

DACHSER & KOLB is in possession of a plug-in external elevator. The costs are calculated on an individual basis as it is dependent on its complexity and given circumstances.

Do you also transport scooters and motorcycles?

We would be pleased to transport scooters and motorcycles for you. However, you would be required to drain all fluids such as oil and gasoline prior to transport.

Is it possible to hire removal staff without a truck?

Our moving staff would be pleased to assist and support you with the tasks that may arise without the obligation of hiring a moving truck. All inquiries can be addressed to the branch office responsible for you at any time. Klick here to be directly reverted to the Request Form.

Do you also carry out overseas moves?

We also have years of experience in international removals and are happy to assist you with your move from or to a foreign country. Here you will find details of our services for international removals as well as the contact details for our international removals department. Click here to go directly to the enquiry.

Do you have a list which assists in calculating the estimated volume?

You can find our Inventory Goods List for estimating the volume of your move here.

Do you deliver the packaging materials in advance?

We will directly deliver you the packaging materials in advance so that you may pack your belongings in peace and relaxingly look forward to the day of your move.

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