With Dachser & Kolb, moving home is a matter of trust.

A true mark of distinction: “Recommended by customers”

Customer satisfaction is good, but a specific recommendation from one customer to another is even better. That is when you know you have succeeded in truly impressing customers with your service and quality. Dachser & Kolb have now been honored with this distinction in black and white: The Dachser subsidiary was awarded first place in the moving company segment in Focus Money’s DEUTSCHLAND TEST comparison testing.
The deserved first place

For the test, the consulting and analysis firm ServiceTrend surveyed 1000 members of an online panel on 1000 companies in 104 industries, asking questions like “Have you been a customer of this company in the last 24 months?” and “Did you specifically recommend this company to others?” The rankings were generated from the more than 450,000 customer opinions offered and were based solely on recommendations that were actually made.

“The moving company market is highly fragmented and heavily shaped by local factors. That makes recommendations from satisfied customers even more important for a moving company like Dachser & Kolb that is active across Germany,” explains Johannes Neumann, CEO of Dachser & Kolb. “We distinguish ourselves through standards, trained staff, reliability and friendly service and are proud of the fact that our customers have rewarded us for this focus on quality. At the same time, the top spot in the rankings also motivates us to keep improving.”

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