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The United Arab Emirates is a state on the Arabian Peninsula. It is mainly inhabited in the area on the Persian Gulf. The country consists of a federation of 7 emirates. In Abu Dhabi, the capital located on an island, is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with crystal chandeliers and space for 40,000 worshippers. Dubai is home to the ultra-modern Burj Khalifa, huge shopping malls and extravagant entertainment complexes.

Facts about the United Arab Emirates


Capital City

Abu Dhabi

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9.365 million

DACHSER & KOLB: Surface Area

Surface Area

51,946.632 mi² or 83,600 km²

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Official Language





The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is characterized by a federal system of rule in which family and tribal ties continue to be decisive forces. At the head of the confederation are the rulers of the seven semi-autonomous emirates, who form the Supreme Council as the highest constitutional body and elect the president from among their number.

The federal government is responsible for foreign and security policy matters, while the autonomy of the individual emirates is greater in the economic, social and cultural spheres.

The Federal National Council, consisting of 40 members, acts as a consultative body. Half of the members are appointed by the seven emirs, while the other half are elected in national elections. Half of the members are female.

Public life in the UAE is characterized on the one hand by a far-reaching liberalism for the region in terms of women's rights, social diversity and religious practice. On the other hand, civil rights such as freedom of the press, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly as well as the rights of the millions of foreign workers are subject to significant restrictions. Political parties and trade unions are banned.

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The climate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is tropical to subtropical and for the most part very dry. In summer, temperatures regularly reach over 40°C and can even rise to over 50°C in the windless inland regions. During the hot summer months and hot spells, life is mostly indoors. The Dubai Mall is known for having a large number of people inside. The mall is cooled down to such an extent that you can go ice skating there and even visit the indoor ski slope.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a well-developed and modern healthcare system that offers high-quality services in both the public and private sectors. However, costs in the private sector are high and continue to rise annually. For expats in the UAE, a comprehensive medical examination is required to qualify for a residence visa. This examination includes chest x-rays and blood tests. Individuals found to have tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS will be disqualified from qualification.

Public health care

The public medical facilities in the UAE are efficiently organized and offer a high standard of medical care that is geared towards the needs of the local population. However, due to high demand, they can be overcrowded, sometimes making it difficult for foreigners and expats to navigate. Expats who wish to use the public healthcare system must apply for a healthcare card from the Ministry of Health. This can be done either online or in person at a health center.

Private healthcare

Private healthcare facilities now predominate over public ones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). State-of-the-art medical care is offered in all private hospitals. The medical staff, who often come from abroad, are highly trained and usually have a good command of English. However, private hospitals do not always offer treatment for serious injuries, certain complex emergencies and other specific illnesses that are reserved for public hospitals. In some emirates, such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, expats are required by law to take out private health insurance. Employers are expected to contribute to these policies. Although they are not required to cover their employees' spouses and children, they are encouraged by the government to do so. It is recommended that expats take out comprehensive health insurance before arriving in the UAE.

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In 2023, the United Arab Emirates had a gross domestic product per capita of 50,602.32 US dollars. The Gini coefficient of wealth describes the distribution of wealth. The indicator is an established, internationally comparable measure of wealth inequality. It is measured on a scale from zero to one. The higher the value, the greater the inequality. The Gini coefficient in the United Arab Emirates is expected to be 0.25 in 2024 (source: Statista).

It is estimated that around 10,000 Germans live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), of which around 2,000 are based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. More than 800 German companies have branches or subsidiaries here. In addition to a flourishing economy, the country also offers quite comfortable living conditions, although these are affected by an extremely hot and humid climate in summer. During this time of year, it is almost impossible to live outdoors, but all public and private buildings are air-conditioned. The infrastructure is extremely well developed and there is an adequate, albeit rather expensive, housing market compared to Germany. There are also German schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

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National holiday


Spirit of the Union

is derived from the historic meeting of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding father of the United Arab Emirates.


With a population of just under 10 million, only 10% have citizenship. Sharia law is still the main source of legislation for the population.

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