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Das südostasiatische Thailand ist bekannt für tropische Strände, opulente Königspaläste, alte Ruinen und reich verzierte Tempel mit Buddhafiguren. In der Hauptstadt Bangkok erhebt sich eine ultramoderne Skyline neben ruhigen Siedlungen am Kanal und den bekannten Tempeln Wat Arun, Wat Pho und dem Tempel des Smaragd-Buddha, Wat Phra Kaeo. Zu den Strandresorts in der Nähe gehören das quirlige Pattaya und das trendige Hua Hin.

Facts about Thailand


Capital City


DACHSER & KOLB: Population


71.6 million

DACHSER & KOLB: Surface Area

Surface Area

318,837.99 mi² or 513,120 km²

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Official Language



Baht (THB)


According to the constitution of April 6, 2017, Thailand is a kingdom with a democratic form of government, with the king being the head of state. Since 1932, the country has experienced both democratically elected governments and several military coups. Thailand is divided into 76 provinces and the Bangkok Special Administrative Region. The state structure is centralized, with Bangkok enjoying a special status with important powers of self-government.
The country prides itself on never having been a colony of foreign powers. A lively civil society with numerous non-governmental organizations characterizes the country.

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Although the European winter is traditionally considered the main travel season, Thailand's typical equatorial climate makes it easy to travel all year round. The southwest monsoon brings short, tropical rain showers to large parts of the country from June to September. Meanwhile, the northeast monsoon provides cooler air from November to February.

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In general, healthcare in Thailand is of high quality. However, a specific medical problem that exists in Thailand is the fact that most doctors in the country specialize in certain fields. Therefore, it can be challenging to find a reliable general practitioner to treat minor medical problems. Compared to the US and Western Europe, healthcare in Thailand is less expensive. Although foreigners working in Thailand have access to free public healthcare, most expats opt for private treatment as private facilities offer faster and higher quality care.

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Thailand's gross domestic product per capita in 2023 amounted to 7,297.98 US dollars. The Gini coefficient of wealth describes the distribution of wealth. The indicator is an established, internationally comparable measure of wealth inequality. It is measured on a scale from zero to one. The higher the value, the greater the inequality. The Gini coefficient in Thailand is expected to be 0.35 in 2024 (source: Statista).

Thailand, often referred to as the land of smiles, offers a first-class quality of life characterized by the combination of breathtaking nature, rich culture and hospitable people. The climate is tropical and pleasant all year round. Food, accommodation and transportation costs are relatively cheap compared to Germany and other western countries. Medical care is excellent, with modern hospitals and highly qualified doctors. In addition, Thailand offers a wide range of activities such as diving, hiking and visiting historical sites and temples.

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National holiday


Birthday of King Bumibol Bhumibol Adulyadej, who died on October 13

Every year, Brazilians celebrate their national holiday on September 7. The national holiday is also known as Independence Day. On this day, they remember the year 1822.


Buddhism is the largest religion in Thailand, practised by roughly 94% of the population. The Thai Constitution does not indicate any state religion, but promotes Buddhism, while guaranteeing religious freedom for all Thai citizens. Many other people, especially among the Isan ethnic group, practise Tai folk religions. A significant minority Muslim population, mostly constituted by Thai Malays, is present especially in the southern regions. Thai law officially recognizes five religions: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Sikhism.

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