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Rhineland-Palatinate is a federal state in the southwest of Germany, bordering France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The state capital of Mainz is characterized by its synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, the Romanesque-style Mainz Cathedral with its tombs and the Gutenberg Museum, which is dedicated to the inventor of the printing press. The green Moselle valley with the Moselle towns of Piesport and Bernkastel-Kues is home to one of Germany's largest wine-growing regions.

Facts about Rhineland-Palatinate


Capital City


DACHSER & KOLB: Population


4.08 million

DACHSER & KOLB: Surface Area

Surface Area

12,339.20 mi² or 19,858 km²

Popular cities in Rhineland-Palatinate

  • Mainz
  • Trier
  • Kaiserslautern
  • Cohem
  • Koblenz
  • Bitburg
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One of the oldest cities in Germany: Trier

The debate about the oldest city in Germany remains unresolved. The different points of view are partly due to local patriotism and partly to different criteria being applied. Often the terms settlement and city are not clearly distinguished from one another. Among the candidates discussed for the oldest cities in Germany are Cologne, Kempten, Speyer and others, but also Trier. Trier was founded in 16 BC during the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus. The city is not only known as one of the oldest in Germany, but also as an important center of ancient art and architecture, including the Porta Nigra, the best-preserved city gate in the ancient world.

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Round trip on the Moselle

Discover the Moselle on an unforgettable boat trip. Start your exploration tour from historic Trier, home to the impressive Porta Nigra. Or set course from Bernkastel-Kues on round trips along the Middle Moselle with its world-famous steep vineyards and the majestic Landshut Castle. You can also explore the famous Eltz Castle or the Deutsches Eck (German Corner) in Koblenz from the romantic town of Cochem.

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