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A smooth process despite customs peculiarities

Due to the customs regulations, moving to Switzerland is always a bit more demanding to plan and carry out. We would be pleased to support you so that the border crossing and the re-registration work smoothly - whether from or to Switzerland. We have been offering the execution of removals from and to Switzerland for a vast number of years and are therefore familiar with all the fine details and requirements. The handling of special requirements is our day-to-day business, you too can benefit from our years of experience as a moving company.

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For a non-binding and precise offer, we would be pleased to offer you a free inspection of which items you would like to move and what special features might exist. For this purpose, we offer either a personal onsite visit or a virtual inspection. During the peronsal inspection, an employee comes to your home and looks at the relocation conditions with you on site. During the virtual inspection, we will call you via one of the common video call providers.

Swiss custom laws

Even with us being German company, we are often on the road in Switzerland as a moving company and are therefore familiar with the questions that arise before moving. One of the most important questions is the customs clearance of your personal property. According to the Swiss Customs Act, used personal belongings which are intended for further use are duty-free. Household items and personal effects usually include everything that has been in your own possession for a minimum of six months. For a standard move to Switzerland this means that you can import almost everything duty-free - e.g. household supplies in non-commercial quantities. Even an airplane or a motorboat may not necessarily be a problem when moving to Switzerland.

At a glance, these are the most important provisions:

New goods
Customs and VAT have required to be paid for new goods. A commercial or proforma invoice with the value and origin is required for all items.

In addition to the vehicle documents, the sales contract can be of assistance. In order to be able to import your vehicle duty-free, you must have owned it for a minimum of six months.

Home Search
When moving to Switzerland, landlords usually request that they be presented with a copy of your residence permit together with your ID and a copy of your employment contract.

After the move
The authorities want to be fed with data not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland. You should therefore register your place of residence at the relevant registration office after moving to Switzerland. The vehicle and driver's license must also be rewritten.

If you would like to receive even more information for a move with DACHSER & KOLB, feel free to read our info on household moving or international moving.

The following documents are required for customs clearance in Switzerland:

  • Registration and Deregistration Certificate
  • Proof of Employment
  • Copy of ID Cards and/or Passports for all individuals involved in the move
  • Power of Attorney to carry out the move (Power of Attorney Declaration)
  • Proof of housing (i.e. Purchase or Rental Agreement)
  • Relocation to Switzerland: “Application Form for the Assessment of Household Effects (1844) 3x in paper form (Resettlement Form)
  • Moving from Switzerland: Customs Registration Form for Moving Items (0350) CH – D (Customs Form_0350)

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